Мое фотоHi!

Nice to see you here. Will try to tell about myself a little.

I work in my own company as technical director. Our company develops websites and offers all related web-services like informational, technical and marketing support.

My work is directly related to the one of my main hobbies — everything about the web development. At the moment I’m closely involved in the project/team management and technology development in my company.

One of my most important interest is an active participation in the community life of the Open Source Content Management System MODX CMS. Starting from april 2006 I’m active member of this community. Some time ago I’ve got a special  MODX Ambassador title for my activity in the MODX community.

I am interested in management, marketing and self-improvement.

Also I have a very good theoretical knowledge and practical skills in web programming (PHP/SQL/JS-jQuery/CSS, etc.).

At present I’m actively interested in the mobile app development on Android and continue to learn JAVA programming language. In 2014 I’ve got some verified Coursera sertificates regarding development for Android handheld systems:

  1. Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems

You can contact me at igor@suhinin.com. I’m always interested in any cooperation proposals, just write me and we will find the ways how we can cooperate.

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